• Bryan Lowry, Lindsay Wise, and Katie Glueck, “Josh Hawley Tries to Convince Steve Bannon He’s Conservative Enough for Senate Run” 5 October 2017. The Kansas City Star (read)
  • Jackie Rehwald, “‘We Will Not Be Silenced’: Dixie Outfitters in Branson Claims Its Facebook Page was Hacked” 14 August 2017. Springfield News-Leader (read)
  • The Kansas City editorial Board, “Gov. Eric Greitens’ Decisions Are Aimed At Helping One Person–Greitens” 3 July 2017. (read)
  • Missouri Democratic Party, “Why Are Missouri’s Republicans Agreeing to Give the Federal Government Personal Information About Missouri Voters?” 30 June 2017. Medium (read)
  • Lindsay Wise and Bryan Lowry, “Trump’s Budget Seen as ‘Slap In The Face’ to Rural Voters Who Elected Him” 23 May 2017. McClatchy (read)
  • The Kansas City Star Editorial Board, “A List of Questions for Gov. Greitens, Missouri’s Man of Mystery” 6 May 2017. The Kansas City Star (read)


  • Camille Phillips, “Missouri Unions Assess Losses, Victories on May Day” St. Louis Public Radio (read)

Higher Ed

  • Justin B. Dyer and Jeffrey L. Pasley, “The Academic Spirit Is Alive And Well At MU” 22 August 2017. The Kansas City Star (read)
  • Anemona Hartocollis, “Long After Protests, Students Shun the University of Missouri” 9 July 2017. The New York Times (read)

Voter ID Law

  • The Kansas City Star Editorial Board, “Editorial: Missouri’s New Voter ID Law Could Sow Confusion” 31 May 2017. The Kansas City Star (read)


  • Jim Salter, “Express Scripts to Limit Opioids; Doctors Concerned” 16 August 2017. The Joplin Globe (read)

Farming / Agriculture

  • Michelle Jamrisko, “‘I Need More Mexicans’: A Kansas Farmer’s Message to Trump” 20 June 2017. Bloomberg Businessweek (read)



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