• General
    • Michael Jacobs and Mariana Mazzucato, “Breaking with Capitalist Orthodoxy” Spring 2017. Dissent (read)
    • Mark Levinson and Timothy Shenk, “Toward a New Economy: Introduction” Spring 2017. Dissent (read)
  • Wall Street Reform
    • Lydia O’Neal, “Cities, States And School Systems Lose Millions To Credit Downgrades, Study Finds” 31 May 2017. International Business Times (read)
    • Dylan Matthews, “Elizabeth Warren and John McCain want Glass-Steagall Back. Should You?” 12 July 2013. The Washington Post (read)
    • Sheelah Kolhatkar, “When the Feds Went After the Hedge-Fund Legend Steven A. Cohen” 16 January 2017. The New Yorker (read)
    • Sheelah Kolhatkar, “Trump’s Wolves of Wall Street” 1 December 2016. The New Yorker (read)
    • Nicholas Lemann, “Days of Rage” 14 November 2016. The New Yorker (read)
    • Joseph E.Stiglitz, “Incentives and the Performance of America’s Financial Sector: Hearing on Compensation in the Financial Industry before the House Committee on Financial Services.” 22 January 2010. (read)
    • Paul A. Volcker, “Statement Before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services of the House of Representatives.” 24 September 2009. (read)
  • Antitrust
    • Lina M. Khan, “Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox” January 2017. The Yale Law Journal (read)
  •  Inequality
    • Melinda Cooper, “All In The Family Debt” 31 May 2017. Boston Review (read)
    • Sheelah Kolhatkar, “Is Socially Responsible Capitalism Losing?” 5 & 12 June 2017. The New Yorker (read)
    • Benjamin Wallace-Wells, “The Despair of Learning That Experience No Longer Matters” 10 April 2017. The New Yorker (read)
    • John Cassidy, “Obama’s Economic Record: An Assessment” 9 January 2017. The New Yorker (read)
    • Maria Konnikova, “America’s Surprising Views on Inequality” 17 November 2016. The New Yorker (read)
    • Jill Lepore, “Richer and Poorer” 9 March 2016. The New Yorker (read)
    • Raj Chetty, et al, “Where is the Land of Opportunity?: The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in the United States” June 2014. Equality of Opportunity Project (read)
    • Joseph E. Stiglitz, “Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth” 16 February 2013. The New York Times (read)
    • Paul Campos, “Don’t Trust the Boomers!” 31 July 2012. Salon (read)
  • Homeownership
    • Matthew Desmond, “How Homeownership Became the Engine of American Inequality” 9 May 2017. The New York Times Magazine (read)
  • Companies
    • Ben Thompson, “Amazon’s New Customer” 19 June 2017. Stratechnery (read)

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