• Politics
    • Courtney Runn, “The Year of Jen Hatmaker” 4 October 2017. Texas Monthly (read)
    • Lawrence Wright, “America’s Future Is Texas” 10 & 17 July 2017. The New Yorker (read)
    • William H. McRaven, “The Great Idea of Texas” 19 June 2017. The University of Texas System (read)
    • R.G. Ratcliffe, “The Great Republican Rift” 14 March 2017. Texas Monthly (read)
    • R.G. Ratcliffe, “Latinos Won’t Turn Texas Blue Anytime Soon” 21 February 2017. Texas Monthly (read)
    • Brandon Formby, Christopher Connelly, “Can Texas Republicans hold America’s Reddest Large Urban County?” 17 January 2017. The Texas Tribune (read)
    • Eric Hananoki, “The Libre Initiative: A Koch-Funded Group Being Passed Off as Empowering Hispanics” 2 March 2015. Media Matters for America (read)
    • Forrest Wilder, “The Money Behind Texas’ Most Influential Think Tank” 6 January 2014.  Texas Observer (read)
    • Robert Draper, “The Future of Battleground Texas…Does it Have a Future?” 26 February 2015. Texas Monthly (read)
    • Reeve Hamilton, “What Went Wrong With Battleground Texas?” 5 November 2014. The Texas Tribune (read)
    • Richard Parker, “Giving the Boot to Local Control” 18 March 2015. The Dallas Morning News (read)
    • Manny Fernandez, “No Easy Mold to Fill to Become a Latino Texas Politician” 23 October 2016. The New York Times (read)
    • Joaquin Castro, “Mr. Castro Goes to Washington” February 2014. Texas Monthly (read)
    • S. C. Gwynne, “Genius: Karl Rove” March 2003. Texas Monthly (read)
  • Voter Registration
    • Alexa Ura, “Texas Voting Law on Language Interpreters Violates Voting Rights Act, Court Say” 17 August 2017. The Texas Tribune (read)
    • The Editorial Board, “Texas Needs a Remedial Lesson Voting Rights” 17 March 2017. The New York Times (read)
    • Jim Malewitz, “Texas Voter IS Law Violates Voting Rights Act, Court Rules” 20 July 2016. The Texas Tribune (read)
    • Ari Berman, “Texas’s Voter-Registration Laws Are Straight Out of the Jim Crow Playbook” 6 October 2016. The Nation (read)
  •  Education
    • “Public Loss Private Gain: How School Voucher Tax Shelters Undermine Public Education” 17 May 2017. Instittue on Taxation and Economic Policy (read)
    • Brett Shipp, “Who Are the Forces Behind the School Voucher Push in Texas?” 16 April 2017. WFAA (read)
    • Mimi Swartz, “Not So Special Ed’ March 2017. Texas Monthly (read)
    • R.G. Ratcliffe, “Are Your Property Taxes Too High? Thank a Legislator.” 15 February 2017. Texas Monthly (read)
    • Matthew Watkins and Annie Daniel, “Texas Families Are Struggling To Pay For College–But So Is The State” 7 February 2017. The Texas Tribune (read)
    • Brian M. Rosenthal, “Denied: Schools Push Students Out of Special Education to Meet State Limit” 24 October 2016. Houston Chronicle (read)
  • Children
    • “Texas Medicaid Cuts Leave Special Needs Kids Without Therapy” 28 June 2017. AP (read)
    • Neena Satija, “For Troubled Foster Kids in Houston, Sleeping in Offices is ‘Rock Bottom'” 20 April 2017. The Texas Tribune (read)
    • Dave Mann, “Capitol Crisis: Abused and Neglected Kids in Foster Care” January 2017. Texas Monthly (read)
    • Neena Satija, Morgan Smith, Edgar Walters, “Sold Out: How The Crusade Against Sex Trafficking In Texas Has Left Child Victims Behind” 15 February 2017. The Texas Tribune (read)
    • J. David McSwane, “Severely Disabled Kids’ Lives At Risk, Parents Say, As Texas Enacts Medicaid Cost-Savings Plan” 13 February 2017. Dallas News (read)
  • Immigration
    • Jonathan Blitzer, “Why Police Chiefs Oppose Texas’s New Anti-Immigrant Law” 2 June 2017. The New Yorker (read)
    • Cassandra Pollock and Bobby Blanchard, “‘Sanctuary’ Law Fight Heats Up'” 2 June 2017. The Texas Tribune (read)
    • Sanya Mansoor, “5 Things You Need to Know About Texas’ ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Ban” 8 May 2017. The Texas Tribune (read)
    • David Pughes and Art Acevedo, “Texas Police Chiefs: Do Not Burden Local Officers with Federal Immigration Enforcement” 28 April 2017. Dallas News (read)
    • Dave Mann, “Right Aid: Despite the Governor’s Rhetoric, Welcoming Refugees Is The Texas Thing To Do” November 2016. Texas Monthly (read)
  •  Economy
    • Jay Root and Chris Essig, “Small Beer Makers Say Bill Creates ‘Extortion Fee’ as They Seek Abbott’s Veto” 8 June 2017. The Texas Tribune (read)
    • Mimi Swartz, “Towering Debts” February 2017. Texas Monthly (read)
    • W. Gardner Selby, “Jerry Brown: California Booming ‘Hell of a Lot Faster’ Than Texas” 20 December 2016. Austin-American Statesman (read)
  • Environment
    • Neena Satija, Kiah Collier, and Al Shaw, “Boomtown, Flood Town” 7 December 2016. ProPublica/The Texas Tribune (read)
    • Colin Leyden, “Texas Should Listen to Its Own Scientific Task Force About Methane” 27 June 2017. TribTalk (read)
    • Neela Banerjee, “In Climate Politics, Texas Aims to be the Anti-California” 7 November 2010. Los Angeles Times (read)
  •  History
    • Gary Cartwright, “Who Was Jack Ruby?” November 1975. Texas Monthly (read)
    • John Nova Lomax, “The Evolution of the Energy Capital of the World” 14 February 2017. Texas Monthly (read)
  • Misc.
    • Ben Wear, “Texting While Driving? Yes, But Not As Much Under Austin’s Ban” 10 February 2017. Austin American-Statesman (read)
    • Alexa Ura and Ryan Murphy, “Here’s What the Texas Bathroom Bill Means in Plain English” 17 January 2019. The Texas Tribune (read)
  • Culture
    • Jason Cohen, “Texas Football Exceptionalism? We Take Exception to That” 4 September 2017. Texas Monthly (read)
    • Jason Cohen, “There and Back Again: Terry Allen” February 2017. Texas Monthly (read)
    • James Courtney, “Chasing the Boundary: On Jerry Jeff Walker, Dad and Texas Transcendentalism” 12 December 2014. San Antonio Current (read)

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